• Cloud importing

    Cloud importing

    Import all your media content right away from your cloud to MFC and find it sorted into the following categories: genre, topic, film and TV Awards by year, and more.
  • Intelligent media matching

    Intelligent media matching

    My Family Cinema APP collects, matches and automatically updates the latest news about movies and series in the platform.
  • Smooth play

    Smooth play

    With My Family Cinema, you can play your own content from your cloud account right away. No loading problems and zero ads, offering you the best experience.

The best information database

Let numbers speak!

MFC is a software that collects over 1,591,934 multimedia data that includes the latest movies, popular series and biographies of famous actors and directors in the movie industry. Additionally, MFC constantly updates the media information, supports HD & FHD streaming, provides subtitles and offers a forum to share your experience at affordable prices.
  • Media information


    Media information

  • Subtitles available


    Subtitles available

  • Stars and directors


    Stars and directors

Connect your cloud accounts

With the MFC media player you can easily import your content stored in your cloud accounts.

Supported cloud storages:

Get started with MFC

Add fun to your life!

  • Download/Install


    You can download the My Family Cinema APK here: Free download
  • Pick a plan

    Pick a plan

    Install the MFC APK in your Android Mobile or TV box and create an account on our website in order to Pick a plan
  • Add your cloud account

    Add your cloud account

    The My Family Cinema platform will automatically match your content. Find out more here: User guide

Important Notice

My Family Cinema is a personal media player software which only offers cinematographic information. This means that it does NOT provide users with any media content. Thus, if they wish to do so, users have to add their own content to the platform. Therefore, MFC is not responsible should said media content be illegal.

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