How to find the video you want

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If you want to find a movie or TV show by genre, you’ll find a list of different categories in the “By Genres” section: action, adventure, animation, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, horror, romance, thriller, Sci-Fi and more.




If you want to find the latest releases go to “Movies”, and choose the “In Theater” option which shows all movies now playing in cinemas. As for the most recent TV series, head to “TV Shows” and click “On The Air”.

  • Displaying: if the movies are being displayed in theaters.
  • Displayed: if the movies have been displayed in theaters in the past years.



As for the most recent TV series, head to “TV Shows ” and click “On The Air”.



For current trending movies, go to “Movies” > “Frequent Use” or “Movies” > “By Topic”.




To search for popular TV shows, go to “TV Shows” > “Top Popular” or “TV Shows” > “Top Rated”. (Show top popular or rated TV series in the list).




In the “Discover” section, you can browse content in the following categories: Award Center, Movies, TV Shows, Directors and Stars.



MFC also offers the function to sort the videos based on 4 characteristics: genre, region, rating and year.



In order to filter videos, press the menu button on your remote control, choose the category you prefer and click “OK”.