How to find the video you want

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MFC offers the function to sort the videos based on 5 characteristics: genre, region, year, ratings and audio.

Within the options displayed, choose the one that suits your preferences in the category you previously selected.

If a “Connected” video has different audio options, please make sure that the file is named under MFC standards.



In order to filter videos, enter the category you want, press the menu button on your remote control, choose the conditions you prefer and click “OK”. Bear in mind that some categories, like “Recommended”, do not support this function.



You can also use the search function to find a specific video or celebrity.



Click on “Search” to enter the search page and use the on-screen keyboard to type a keyword.

After typing in the keyword, click on the magnifying glass and MFC will show the results automatically.



Tip: You can set the keyboard language according to your preferences in the TV box settings.