How to pick a plan

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If you want to continue enjoying the MFC service after the free-trial or the current plan has expired, you must pick a plan on the MFC member site ( Once there, follow these steps:


1. Log in to your account

If you already have an account, enter your e-mail address and password to log in. Otherwise, click on “Create an account”.



2. Choose a plan

Click on “Plans/Pricing” and you’ll see a list of our commercial plans.



The plans we provide so far are:


  • Basic Monthly: Get this MFC service for a month at a cost of USD 3.49/month.


  • Basic Annual: Get this MFC service for a year at a cost of USD 29.99/year.
    Tip: If you buy the Annual plan, you save USD 1.00/month!


  • Standard Yearly: Get this MFC service for a year and enjoy it simultaneously in two different devices at a cost of USD 49.99/year.
    Tip: If you buy the Standard plan, you save USD 1.40/month!


  • Premium Yearly: Get this MFC service for a year and enjoy it simultaneously in four different devices at the cost of USD 69.99/year.
    Tip: If you buy the Premium plan, you save USD 2.04/month!


  • Free-trial: We offer a free 30-day trial so you can experience the MFC service. Once it expires, you will have to create an account and pick a plan on the website, then log in to the MFC APK with your account to continue enjoying our platform. All TV boxes come with the free-trial benefit, which you can only use once.


Once you choose your plan, click on “Select now!” to continue with the payment process.

Important notice: We reserve the right to increase our fees and change the free-trial policy at any time, but we will notify users through our official website before doing so.


3. Submit your order

This section consists of four different stages:

a. Confirm your Plan: check if the plan is the one you want, if not click on  “Change the plan”. Otherwise, please click on “Next” to continue.



b. Complete your information: country, city, phone number, ZIP code, and address are required in this step. Choose the payment method (credit card or PayPal). Click on “Buy Now” to proceed.



c. Check your payment information, and click on “Buy Now” to submit your order.



d. After you submit your order, your billing information will be shown on the screen. Please, remember your order ID for after-sale services.


Attention: If you use fake information, the payment will not be successful.



Congratulations, your order has been submitted successfully! Just log in to the MFC APP and continue enjoying our service.