How to use the secondary menu

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The secondary menu is located at the bottom of the main page and it shows the following: “Search”, “Watchlist”, “Cache”, “Favorites”, “History”, “MyCloud” and “Settings”. The sections “Watchlist” and “Cache” are not explained in this guide. For more information, check the “How to play a video” guide.



The “Search” section will allow you to easily find any movie, TV show and celebrity by name.



In the “Favorites” section, you can save the movies and series you like most. Every media content you’ve watched will appear in the “History” section.




In the “Settings” section, you’ll see a sidebar with several options.



Some of them are:


  • Speed Test: to check and test your network connection.
  • Device Information: to check the basic information of your TV box.
  • System Update: to check for updates.
  • Subtitle Setting: to set your default subtitle language.
  • User feedback: if you have any problem with the platform, report it here.
  • Help: to solve problems.