How to use subtitles function?

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How to use the subtitles option?

While watching a video, press the “menu” button on your remote control and a sidebar will appear on the right. Choose “Subtitles” to access the subtitles menu.

The functions it supports

Subtitles: Activates/deactivates the subtitles of your current video

Language:Changes the language(English/Spanish/Portuguese)

Name:Shows the subtitle file name. You may choose another file, if it’s available, by clicking on it.

Times:Adjusts the speed by selecting “<” or “>” for back or fast-forward,the adjustment time is 0.5 seconds/per click. Click “Reset” to undo and set to original speed.

Font Size: Changes the subtitle’s font size. (Small/Middle/Large)

Font color: Choose from three different font and background colors.


How to disable the subtitles option?

If you don’t want subtitles you must go to the Settings page, select “Subtitles Setting” and switch off the “Subtitles” button.


How to change episodes during playing?

This option is only available for TV Shows. Press the “menu” button on your remote control, click “Videos” and then choose the episode you want to watch. You can also turn on “Auto Play” and videos will play automatically.