How to make a cloud package?

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1.Please access to  and log in with default account.


2.Click Advance to show all the options.


3.There are some options you can set for your cloud package:
− Package name: Set a name for your cloud package
− Package description(Optional): Set a description for your cloud package
− Author(Optional): Set a author for your cloud package
− Protection password(Optional): Set a password for your cloud package, that means you need to input the correct password when you import it to MFC app.
− Expiry Date of import(Optional): The expire name of the package, that means users can not import this package to MFC app after this time.
− Service period: This is to limit the validity period of the videos in your cloud. After this expiration date, the video in this package can not play normally. That is to say, all the videos in cloud of this package will disappear.
− Authorization list (Optional): Input the ID of the devices that you want to authorize to import this package. If you input nothing, that means all the users can import it to MFC app. And If you want to authorize more than one ID at the same time, you need to separate different IDs with commas. Such as: D100,A1000,A1032



The ID is the user ID that is shown on my account page in MFC app


4.Then please input the cloud account and password of the cloud accounts.(Supporting to add multiple accounts at once)

  • Add Account: Add more account
  • Remove Account: Remove the last account you already input
  • Site: Choose the cloud type you want to add
  • Account: Input your cloud account
  • Password: Input the password of you cloud account
  • Alias: Set an alias


5.Click Generate and Download to download the package