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My Family Cinema Introduction

My Family Cinema in short equals to MFC in the following paragraphs.

MFC respects genuine copyright. We do not offer any video resources for users, the service which we offer is a friendly media player, and connects your personal media files and your TV or other terminals by collecting various media information.

Function statement

  • Cloud management: MFC provides an interface for users to connect their media files of their cloud discs to TV or other terminals.
  • Information matching: When users add their cloud discs account to MFC app, it will match the media information (synopsis, cast & crew, trailer, language and so on) automatically for the media resources in users’ cloud discs.
  • Information database: Every minute more and more media information data is being edited and uploaded to servers. It contains the latest information of TV shows, movies and celebrity (such as storyline, trailer, director, star and so on). And all of the information will be shown to users in different intelligent classifications.
  • An excellent player platform: MFC puts an effort to provide an friendly player by multi-language subtitle translation and matching, multi-device compatibility and so on. At the same time, it provides “Cache”, “History”, “Watch list” and “Favorites” features for a convenient management of personal playing behaviors data.



Membership: MFC users can become a member by purchasing a plan listing on the Plans&Pricing page (Basic Monthly, Basic Yearly, Standard Yearly, Premium Yearly), only members with a commercial plan or users within free trial period can enjoy all the services mentioned in “MFC Introduction” until the valid membership period or free trial expires.

MFC reserves the right to make changes at any time, but we will publish a notice on the official website before we do some change of our membership plan.


Payment policy

  • Auto renewal: We support auto renewal for Basic Monthly plan, users can cancel the monthly plan with auto renewal at any time. We are authorized to charge users the monthly plan fee in every billing date, unless users cancel Auto renewal service before the monthly billing date. If users cancel Auto renewal service during one billing period, they cannot restart this service until the current service expires.
  • Billing date: the billing date corresponds to the date on which users subscribe the Basic Monthly plan. If the billing date is scheduled on a date that does not occur in every month (ie. the 31st), users will be billed on the last day of that month instead. Users can check the billing date on “My account” page at any time. For example, if your last billing date was 31/03, your next billing date would be 30/04.
  • Upgrade plan: During one valid service period, MFC only supports users to upgrade plan not to download it. And users can upgrade plan at any time, the upgraded plan will be activated immediately and automatically after user finishes payment successfully. After one plan expires, users could choose any new plan again.

For example, if you are a Basic Monthly plan member, you could upgrade to Basic Yearly, Standard Yearly or Premium Yearly. But If you are a Premium Yearly plan member, since you already chose the most advanced plan, you could not upgrade your service anymore.

  • Renew service: Before one service plan expires, users could renew the current plan or pick another type of plan during the last 7 days of the validity period to keep on accessing MFC service.
  • Refund policy: After users pick a plan, MFC will add the valid days to the corresponding account automatically. And the plan fee is not refundable after payment is made. If users cannot use the service normally due to MFC’s responsibility, MFC can apply a refund for users as a special case.
  • Change the service plan:we may make some adjustment of pricing and service policy from time to time, if any adjustment happens, MFC will notice users at least 30 days before the new policy is applied.
  • Free trial: MFC membership may start with a one-month free trial, during this period you could access services as a paid member. But after free trial ends, users need to pick a plan to keep accessing to MFC service. To prevent free trial abusing, we may use information from users such as e-mail account, device ID, payment method to determine eligibility. MFC reserves the right to audit the user’s qualifications, if we find some users have already enjoyed the free trial before or other illegal use of free trial contrary to our original intention, we reserve the right to revoke the free trial. For the free trial, MFC also reserve the right to stop or make changes at any time, but we will make a notice on the official website before we do some change or cancel it.


 Account and device

We may make some adjustment of this policy from time to time, if any adjustment happens, we will notice users before the new policy is applied..

Access and use of MFC Service

  • Registered member must be more than 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old, you may register with MFC only if you have the permission of parents.
  • Prohibit member to spread piracy resources, illegal content or other illegal behavior via MFC. MFC reserves the right to ban the users who are confirmed as illegal.
  • Once MFC find out that member share service activate code to others or exist other behaviors that may affect the legitimate interests of MFC and other members, MFC reserves the right to warn members even ban the service of members.
  • About modifying MFC firmware or system without permission or other behaviors judged as an exception by our servers, MFC has the right to prohibit these abnormal actions, and reserves the right to pursue legal liability.