How to add your cloud

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MFC cloud

After you enter the main page, you need to set up your cloud account.



The MFC APK has two options to connect your cloud service:

  • Option 1 (for public users):

Go to “MyCloud”, select “Add New” and choose the cloud service provider.



Enter your e-mail address or account, password and alias, then click “Save”.



  • Option 2 (for professional users who have more than one account):

Enter into MFC My Cloud Configuration website to create a new package. For more information, read the guide “How to make a cloud package”.



Save the cloud package in a pendrive and insert it to your TV box, click on “MyCloud” > “Import Package”. If the file is encrypted, a password will be required.



After MFC is successfully connected to your cloud service, you will have immediate access to your content.